26 Jul 2019

Ten (10) Best Places to Sell Books Online for Cash (Used, Textbooks)

If you are a book enthusiast, an avid reader or a book hoarder and want to make a fortune out of it then this guide is just for you!  I'm going to share some websites where you can sell books online and make money.

Sometimes we tend to buy too many books that we might not read; or maybe there are some used books lying around sitting there getting wasted.  Why not sell them for some decent bucks? Yes this means selling your books!

There are multiple ways to make money selling books. You can either sell off your old text books and novels by having a garage sale or go to your local book store and sell them there or sell them online. The easiest way to get rid of old books and make good money is by selling them online.

10 Best Places to Sell Books Online
Here are the 10 best websites where you can sell your used books in exchange for money:10 websites to Sell books online

SellBackyourBooks is an online market place for buying and selling books. The easiest way to get a quote on your book is to simply enter the ISBN number on the box and the website will give you an instant price on your book. For those who do not know, an ISBN number is an International Standard Book Number and can be found anywhere on the front or back of the book. This number is a personal identifier for a book.

So once you get the price for the book and assuming you want to sell it, simply print the prepaid shipping label the company sends you and ship the book. Once the book reaches them, you get an email confirming your order and payment that’s to be processed.

The website pays it sellers via PayPal and Check. Once the confirmation email is received, the payment is processed within 3 business days. Sellbackyourbooks is the highest bidder for price in the book market.

BookScouter is one of the most popular places to sell books. However it works a little differently from the rest of the book selling websites. This website doesn’t actually buy books; it searches over 40 different buying websites to find the ones that will pay highest price for your book.

To find the best price for your book, type in the ISBN number and the app will quote you the highest bidders. Review the prices and choose the vendor you want to sell to. Use the link to go to the respected buyer’s site, follow the instructions and ship your book away.

Since BookScouter searches different vendors, so its the vendors that pay you for your book. Most vendors pay sellers via PayPal and Check. However the date for payment varies for different vendors.

Cash4books works as a direct buyer for your used books. They buy your text books and occasional fiction books as well. However, before you sell your books, sellers have to meet a certain criteria. To check if your book meets the required criteria, enter the book’s ISBN number in the search box.

If the company wants to buy the book, they will quote you the price. If you like the offer, they will send you a prepaid shipping label to ship the book to them. Once the book is reviewed, they will send you the payment.

Cash4books pays it sellers via PayPal or Check. Sellers usually receive payments within 13 days of shipping the book. Your payment sometimes might be different from what you were quoted on the website. This happens if your book doesn’t match the used book criteria, thus the price might get adjusted.

Bluerectangle is another book buying website. It is an affiliate of sellbackyourbooks.com. It works the same way as other buying websites. Simply enter your book’s ISBN number and they will quote you the price. If satisfied with the price, ship your book off using the same procedure mentioned above.

The website pays its sellers through PayPal or Check. Sellers will get their payment within 13 days or less.

Bookfinder works as a searching website for books. Sellers use this website to compare prices from different book vendors. The website offers to buy back all kinds of books including textbooks, novels and more. Currently they only buy back books from US, UK and Canada.

To find out the quote for your book, enter the ISBN number in the search box. Once you lock in your preferred vendor, ship the book for free via their shipping label.

They pay their sellers through PayPal and Check.

Powell’s a.k.a City of Books is a chain of book stores in America. The company will buy your used books from either their stores or online. If you want to sell your books on their website, simply enter the book’s ISBN number and you will get an immediate quote from the store. If you decide to sell, then the company will cover the shipping charges and send the payment within a few days.

Before deciding to sell your books, go through the website’s visual guide on what conditions will the book get rejected. The buyers from Powell’s are apparently very particular about the book’s condition.

Powell pays its seller through PayPal or Powell’s store credit. Once the company receives the books and have them looked over, they transfer the payment to your account immediately. It is reported that they have a buy back minimum of $9.

Booksrun is an online market place for buying and selling books. This platform allows users to buy, sell and rent books or e-books online. To sell your books enter the ISBN number and the search will show you selling and renting offers. Once you you decide on selling, simply check out of your cart, print the shipping label and ship your books.

The company processes your books within 2-5 days and issues your payment within 4 days of receiving the books.

Booksrun pays its book sellers or renters through PayPal or Check. Their minimum buyback price is $15.

ECampus is another online buying, selling and renting platform. The website is for students as it deals in textbooks and e-textbooks. To get a quote on your textbook, enter its ISBN number. To proceed with selling, print out the prepaid shipping tag and send the books away.

ECampus pays its sellers through PayPal, direct deposit, Check or in-store credit. The payment is processed within 3-5 weeks.

Ckybooks is a website that buys and sells books, old CD’s and movies. To sell your book get a quote by entering the book’s ISBN. Once that’s done, you can print out their free shipping label send the books to them via the courier service.

Ckybooks pay their sellers via PayPal. The payments are processed within 6-11 days, depending on the transit time.

Lastly we have Chegg! Chegg is an educational company whose sole purpose is to help students. The website buys and rents textbooks and offers other educational services as well. So if you want to sell your  textbook, enter the ISBN number and get a quote. They will send you their shipping tag that you will have to put on the book. Then send it away through the courier service for free.

Chegg pays its sellers through PayPal. The payment processing takes about 10-15 days.

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  1. I have lots of books in my room, I was thinking of throwing them away, i'm happy i came across your website. I will sell them for cash



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